UiPath.FTP.Activities Bug

While uploading file using FTP activities, below error were raised.
I have uploaded 30 file on share file application, out of 30 for 8 file below error were raised

at UiPath.Shared.Activities.AsyncTaskCodeActivity.EndExecute(AsyncCodeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result) at UiPath.Shared.Activities.ContinuableAsyncCodeActivity.EndExecute(AsyncCodeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result) at System.Activities.AsyncCodeActivity.System.Activities.IAsyncCodeActivity.FinishExecution(AsyncCodeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result) at System.Activities.AsyncCodeActivity.CompleteAsyncCodeActivityData.CompleteAsyncCodeActivityWorkItem.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)

Kindly solve this bug

Hi @Abhi95

Do you know which files weren’t uploaded and do you find any anomalities there, i.e. file size?

Best regards

Hi @Abhi95

It is hard to debug this issue without more information. As mentioned above - was there a difference between the files that could cause this? When rerun, are those always the 8 files that cause this error?

Additionally, what version of the FTP package was being used and what does the process look like?