UiPath Framework error

I have installed the uipath 2017 version in windows 10 OS, when i try to install the excel packages it shows the error as below

if anyone faces the issue please give your solution
Looking for the reply

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JothyPrasanth M

@jothyprasanth.m That error occurs because of workflow developed in higher version is used in lower of uipath. Since higher version of uipath contains higher version of “for each” activity you can’t update it due to some dependencies.

Two ways to solve it.

  1. You can update the studio to higher version and open the workflow it will solve ur problem.

  2. second method is close your workflow. Open your workflow in notepad search for
    Remove it and save the notepad and open the main as usual. It will solve you problem

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Thanks for your reply let me check

JothyPrasanth M

The actual excel package was 2.4.* when i develop, and I move the project to another machine which is windows 10, so the uipath automatically update the excel version to 2.5.*, I copy the 2.4 excel package version to new system it was worked well

Thanks for your reply @Manjuts90

JothyPrasanth M

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@jothyprasanth.m it’s good you got solution so please close the thread

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