UiPath Framework -. Assets VS Settings Sheet of Config.xlsx


What is the main difference between defining the value of keys of the dictionary in an asset instead of the settings config sheet?

Which values should be defined in each one?

Hi @Brett22

well the main advantage of having values in assets rather than the config sheet is that you can use them across different processes. Furthermore, for credentials you have an extra layer of encryption and they can be retrieved by developers, testers,… without having access to their values.

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Technically, you can share your config sheet across multiple processes so I don’t know if it’s really an advantage. You can also change the values too, so making updates to the values is not an advantage. I suppose the advantage here is that you don’t need to maintain a physical file in a shared location. However, you must be careful of overusing Assets for value storage or it complicates the sustainability, consistency, and maintenance, and also clutters up the Assets.

I think credential management is the biggest advantage, but it’s not a good way to manage all credentials though, because owners of the credentials would need access to the Orchestrator. CyberArk or other tools might be a better solution, but my teams are currently using Orchestrator Assets for robot credentials owned by a manager that has access to Orchestrator and can update the passwords.