UiPath Foundational training certificate | license number


Hi everyone,
I completed my foundational training and at the end, I was able to download the certificate. I want to add this achievement to my LinkedIn profile and I want to know where to find the license number so that I can add that to the profile too.



When you download the certificate, you will get the pdf with the file name something like 1_3_45660_123456789_RPA Developer Foundation Diploma.pdf.

The number from index 1 to last underscore is your licence number for that specific certificate.


I am new to RPA.

I have registered for Level 1 - Foundation Training certification.I could see there are 177 videos present in the training.

Do I need to go through all the 177 videos in order to complete certification?




Foundation training consists of 177 training materials. They are grouped in 14 lessons. In each lesson you’ll find a video, except the last lesson. And the 2nd lesson has 2 videos.
The other training materials are introductions, recap slides, practical exercises and documentation.
Good luck!


Thanks for all your replies


I want to upload my certificate on linkedin, so what is the ‘Certification URL’.
Please help me with this.
@bkarlekar --> thanks for licence number’s answers. :slight_smile:


what will be the url for certificate?