UiPath Foundation training and compatibility

Hi All

I’m slowly going through the training and really starting to struggle. It seems like there’s been a major version change since it was first written (and possibly since I started the training, as I said, going through slowly).

I’m finding it often directing me to activities which don’t exist. I’m in lesson 5 at the moment and it’s a veritable minefield.

I’ve eventually worked out to install the v7 compatibility package and it’s made things work somewhat however with slight mismatches between methods across package versions (i.e, uipath.core variables, vs uipath.library) it’s still driving me somewhat loopy.

Is there any easy way around this? i.e., would it work if I uninstall the core package and only install the compatibility package or would I be missing some essential elements.

I’ve mostly worked around them up until now however it’s getting more difficult.