UiPath form in RetryScope


First time working with the UiPath forms here. For a process I want (multiple) forms in a retry scope where some other actions are performed as well.
The problem i’m having is that the robot perfectly waits for the form to be filled out the first time, but when it is retries, the robot will open the form, but not wait for it to be submitted.

Are there any other devs experiencing this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?

Help much appreciated.

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An example can be found here, click ‘retry’ in the form:
FormInRetryScope.xaml (10.8 KB)

Using UiPath Studio 21.4.4

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It sounds like Retry isn’t what you want to use here. Retry is more for when something goes wrong and you want it to try again.

I suggest looking into the Repeat Number of Times activity. Or a Do While.

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I got it working by taking the ‘Deserialize json’ out of the form-do-scope.

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