UIPath Form Designer - anyone used it & is able to help me couple of questions?

Hi All,

I created a basic form with 3 check boxes:


  1. I would like to add a logo to my form - how do I do that?
  2. The user is only allowed to pick one of the checkboxes - how do I set this?
  3. Based on the input of the user, I want it to follow 3 different sequences.

Please advise?

Thank you!

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Hi @memrevh

  1. I didn’t play much with the feature just yet, but I think it is not possible just yet. Might be a nice feature request :slight_smile:
  2. I would choose the Radio button option for this scenario
  3. Seems to be doable using the Conditional tab in the second element:


Hi @memrevh,

Regarding point 1: You can add a logo by simply using the html element in the forms editor. Simply paste the image link and it will work.

The other answers were given by @loginerror and are correct. I see a limitation that there can be only one conditional at the moment for components, but I’m trying to figure out a workaround for this right now :slight_smile: (I’m thinking of using another variable and based on that make the choice)


Hi there, where do you put the Image path in the html?
I need it to be dinamic so i can put the path from outside.
In the end i want to put a image of a scanned recipe and on the side fields to input the values by hand

That sounds very similar with what we have in validation station. I recommend using IntelligentOCR package for that.

the recipe are all over the place, literally all over the world and because of that in several languages, OCR is not that needed this task, as is only 2 inputs for each recipe.

Could you share a file with how you put a image in the html Form Designer?

Hi @rjSampaio

Please see this example. I used the Advanced -> HTML Element like that:

Does it work with local images?

It loads online pictures but not like this <img src="/images/1.jpg"> also, can i use the binding or another variable to input the path from outside of the Form Designer?