UiPath.Form - Date/Time component - allow input for seconds

Currently using UiPath.Form.Activities v1.1.7.

I can set the display format to say "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" and can manually input them. However, upon pressing enter, the “ss” goes back to “00”

We use the said datetime formats for duration like From - To fields.
Could you allow input for seconds, or is there current way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @marci080
I found that if you click away from the datepicker instead of pressing Enter, the values do get saved and are also returned from the Form into the calling workflow.

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Thanks @RPAForEveryone for this tip! Though I’m concern that the user might report this behavior as bug. I understand that this kind of input is very rare. Hehe. I’ll just stick to duration without seconds for now. Thank you!

Hi @marci080, you are welcome!

Actually, if you check a Date/Time component on the form, the Data tab offers customisation and once in the past, I have used it to customise my input using Flatpickr options.

The Time Formatting Tokens section on this Flatpickr page does offer the seconds option but it’s not working for me on the picker dialog itself. I have to edit the text instead of just typing in the popup.

Hopefully this will offer some light to your research and get you what you need.

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Hi, I am working on something similar but just want to ignore time from the DateTime. For some reason, UiPath take DateTime as yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss-4:00. I want to ignore the timestamp completely as Javascript works very strange when it comes to timezones.

Are you able to please show some example on how to use Flatpikr? Appreciate it!

Did you ever get a response? I am looking for the answer for your exact question