[Uipath Form activity] how to pass same value(keywords) to all dropdowns as a “type to search keyword”

Hi, friends i’m reposting this, cuz i really have no idea til now T.T

if anyone knows how to solve this, please give me a hint, or should i go with custom input?

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i would like to make an form dropdown search function

as shown image below

once i type a search keyword into the text field, then press search_all button
i want that search keyword to be typed in the type to search area of each dropdowns
(keep all the origianl dropdown data in each dropdowns but find matched dropdown value by clicking search_all button with search keyword textfield value)

is there anyway i can try? this one wasn’t work for me to do that
this was only replace origianl dropdown data

please help me if someone knows how to do that
thank you for your help guys!

my example file
example.zip (3.1 KB)

Hi @yoyo_1 ,

Could you maybe explain a bit more in detail ?

Do you want to Set the Matched Keyword as the First/Default value in the Dropdown ?

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  1. once i type a keyword in the text box under “want to search”

  2. then press the “search_all button”

  3. search the matched results from each dropdown lists (Select1 ~ select3)

ex. if select1~3 dropdowns have apple1,apple2,apple3 and banana1,banana2,banana3 as their dropdown list, i would like to type banana in the “want to search” textbox then press search_all button

as a result i only want to see banana1~3 in their dropdown(select1~3) values, when i click and open them
then i can easily find matched keywords apart from not related dropdown list values

thanks for help!