There was an issue in my company where while updating UiPath.Forms.Activities package it seems new version broke the workflow from execution in parallel. I see this being adresed in release notes for 1.8.0 version, but it does not seems to be fixed.

I have tested 1.8.0 version and 1.1.8 version we were previously using. All the needed information is in the file itself.

Looking for a feedback, as these improvements seems rather nice and useful
BUG.zip (43.2 KB)
in the future and would like to be able to update current RPA’s with new versions.


One of workarounds is to use Isolate option in InvokeWorkflowFile.
As Parallel activity provides pseudo parallel function, isolate option is effective for such matter.


Thanks for a reply. This workaround does not work on 1.8.0 version


In my environment, it works as the following image. Is there any difference with yours?


Sincerely sorry, I missed the part about ‘Isolated’ option to be set on InvokeWorkflow acitivity and assumed it should be applied to ‘Create Form’ activity.

I can confirm this indeed works as a workaround. Yet I hope this issue will be addressed and fixed in the future. :slight_smile:

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