UiPath for the development of quickwin/interactive applications / can UiPath provide GUI

I had to develop a program to convert a file from one format to an another format. I had an option to either to write a excel Macro or develop a program in .Net/Java. I decided to give a try in UiPath. I finished it in an hour which would have taken me 3-4 hours in any other approach. Then a thought came to my mind why not UiPath for the development of quickwin/interactive applications. It has most of the features required to develop a quickwin except the GUI. If UiPath can provide GUI, then a person with limited programming language can develop an quickwin/interactive applications in UiPath. Let me see how many people agree to this & vote for me.

Well, the GUI can be developed in any other programming language.

Anyway we have this in plan for 18.3: Human Computer Process Interaction for Back Office Robots


excellent, the problem with any other programming language is you need to be proficient in that language.