UiPath for Peformance testing


 We are currently focusing on building a performance testing project using uiPath. We will need something like vugen to simulate multiple users to launch applications hosted in a Citrix environment.

Is this something that we can acheive using UI path?

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kindly have a view on this thread
to launch the application from multiple user

in near future we are going to have StudioT for testing purpose

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Thank palaniappan, with StudioT are we looking to achieve something like what performance center does? Will it have any metric collection and visualization capabilities?

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Probably this will studio will allow you to do the same :slight_smile:

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Not Sure with its Feature, but its gonna rock, i am also excited to look on to it
but as of now we can handle this with STUDIO itself
dashboard and charts can be obtained from ORCHESTRATOR for the transactions made with the process
Cheers @sachinanto

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