Uipath for IT Incidents

Is it possible to use uipath to automate IT Helpdesk Incidents ( Like fixing issues in windows 10 OS,Outlook profile creation…etc…)?

I’m not sure if there any UiPath activities for such tasks.

But you can invoke powershell scripts from UiPath to do the same.

Hi @Sathish_Kumar_S ,

You can automate it if it’s rule based.
For ex - If issue occurred in Window or outlook and bot is designed to handle that issue it will work and somehow if bot couldn’t fixed it then it will throw exception to respective team member to look into it and the task will be taken up manually.

Can elaborate more what type of outlook or window issues you want the bot to handle it ?

Thank you Manoj… Here is the few issues ( Printer driver installation, Cisco VPN client related issue ,Windows / Browser slowness ,Enable/Disable addin in outlook/Browser) that required support from IT Helpdesk Agents.

well i vote @ermanoj3101

that you describe is done by the IT employee and if the ticket has a standard form and it does not have to ask the user anything, then this is definitely an activity for a robot. The employee does it too :wink:

I believe troubleshot is the first step what the support team always do.
So to your points -

Printer Driver Installation - This can be automated as the user know where to check installed drivers if it is not there install it and same thing bot can also do.
Browser Slowness, Enable / Disable addin these can also be automated.

I never tried these before but yes we can automate some of the IT issues.

My plan is to have self service portal for users to search the issue that they are facing in their machine. Based the keyword the robot will run on the user’s machine to fix the issue… Is it possible?

Not the one who can answer this as 100 % but hope somebody have done similar case.
You can wait for some more answers.

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I think the automation behind it is feasible but no small task, especially if it is to be robust.

I see your use case in the final stage as a chatbot in teams :wink: