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I’m writing my final thesis for my bachelors, it is about comparing different RPA platforms to create Graphical User Interface tests. One of the tools I’m pretending to use is UiPath, it seems to me that I would need to use the Test Suite, as I looked, the Test Suite is not available in the Community Edition, am I right? If yes, do you think I would still be able to write the tests using just the features from the Community Edition?


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You can write test cases from studio anf test license enables you to run test cases on robot.you have one on community



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Hi @Joao_Martins

To enable the Test Manager in Community Edition
Go to cloud.uipath.com → Go to Admin Tab->Click on the Tenant you named
Now click on the Services->Click Add Services-> There you will see the TestManger->Enable that and you are able to see

Hope this may help you


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Thanks for the answers guys!

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Hi @Joao_Martins,

there’s also a training course for Test Suite. Check it out.

Best, Emerald.

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