Uipath For Each Row is skipping rows

I have to read a range of two columns, compare them and then do something with them on a third column. That part is covered, however, my range goes from cell A2 to A10 (A1 is part of the range but it’s the column header) but it skips rows 6 and 10 and reads two times row 2.

I have assigned the range as a variable through the activity read range including cells A1:A10. When I run it, it skipps rows 6 and 10 and in a third column where the comparison should be done, ends up empty. For the rest of rows is working ok.

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Hi buddy

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As you are trying to include the third column as well to compare we must include the range of column c as well right
Kindly correct me if I’m wrong with the question. So, range should be A1:C10
Or i would suggest better mention simply as “” in the range buddy unless you arr not reading any range in specific…

Cheers @p_g91

No, the third column is not the problem. The problem is that in column A it is skipping every time rows 6 and 10 and re-reading row 2 (I know this because i’m sending a log message to check which row is reading). When it ends I have all the comparisons in column C but rows 6 and 10 are empty…

Fine can i have a screenshot of workflow if possible…
Cheers @p_g91

The log goes rows: 2, 5, 7, 2, 7, 4, 8, 9, 3