UiPath for Automating Oracle Forms

I need to Automate the Oracle (EBS) Forms and schedule them to run even when the Virtual Machine is locked.
can this be done with UiPath. since i am new to UiPath i need to know whether it is possible or not.
If possible then how to do it any tutorials for it?

Thanks in advance

Yes. I am sure it does work it Oracle EBS.

There is no dedicated tutorials to Oracle EBS, however there are general training available which should be very much helpful to start with UiPath.

Start with Level 1 Foundation training,

Rammohan B.

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Rammohan, How are you sure β€œit does work it Oracle EBS.”? We come for pointers to our problems not to level 1 training.

WE did automation for Oracle forms /JxBased Apps. In some cases IT was required to have some deeper Explorations but finally found solutions for some challenges and got IT working

i suggest Open a new topic as this topic ist from another one and Just Name some scenario and what issue you are facing. Community will give you guidance and help