UiPath - Flex - Attended - Named User

UiPath - Flex - Attended - Named User
If I will buy this license can I use uipth studio with c#
Please guide me

H! @Ankit_shukla

If you purchase the “UiPath - Flex - Attended - Named User” license, you can use UiPath Studio to create automation workflows using C# and run attended automation processes. This license is suitable for users who actively participate in the automation development process and execute attended automations.


Hi @Ankit_shukla ,

I believe the Language compatibility would depend on the version of Studio / UiPath Platform being used not directly associated with the License.

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Thank you for guidance

Thank you for guidance…

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Yes you can use

The UiPath - Flex - Attended - Named User license also gives you access to all of the features of UiPath Studio, including the ability to use C#.

It’s just another type of license for a single user to use UiPath Studio on any machine that they have access to

Features remain same

Cheers @Ankit_shukla

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Thank you sir for Guidance

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I need one more help [UiPath - Flex - Attended - Named User] It is support okta authincation

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