UiPath | File and Folder Automation | Using Default Activities | Scenarios | RPA

➤ File and #FolderAutomation are required for all kinds of automation we do with #UiPath Studio. There are certainly built-in activities that are available by default to have the automation on Files and Folder.

In this session, we will see how can we make use of various files and folder activities available for automation.

What is Covered ?

  • Create Folder in UiPath
  • Path Exists UiPath
  • Create File in UiPath
  • Path Exists Activity for File Check
  • Write Text File UiPath / Append Line UiPath
  • Delete File UiPath
  • Continue on Error UiPath
  • Delete Folder UiPath
  • Copy File UiPath
  • Overwrite Scenario
  • Move File UiPath
  • Move File vs Copy File UiPath

➤➤➤ Happy Automation !