UiPath Feature Hunt!

Hey, dear UiPath enthusiast! It is that time of the year again (yes, Christmas! :santa: ) and we are looking at getting your awesome help!

We’re always aiming to do more, have better products and always have the happiest (and merriest) users! So we are now looking at launching a cool mobile app to help you in your day to day things.

As always, we turn to you, our great community to see what you would like to see in our mobile app.

Help us with the below survey or, if you have any other cool ideas, mobile or not, feel free to email us at hello@uipath.com and let’s have a chat!

Cheers and ho ho ho! :champagne::santa:

UiPath Product Team


Wow, finally…! :santa:

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It is really very nice and superb. Now we don’t want to sit to watch(orchestrator) infront of computer or a laptop. Only should have the mobile. Wow so handy … Survey done !!!


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Hands down for it! :grinning:

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Wow…Its so cool and awesome :star_struck:


Great initiative ! Now One doesn’t need to wake up in the middle of the night , switch on computer and check lol… just open the App and Voila ! peace of mind restored :stuck_out_tongue:


Its cool :santa::santa:

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Wow, so much excitement :dancing_women: yup, as all of you said, we want to make it easier to “watch” the Robots :robot: