UiPath Extention for Citrix


What is the purpose of UiPath Extention for Citrix?
How is it used?
I have a citrix application and I am not permitted to use CV scope so will this extention help me? and if yes then help me how?

Rameez Imtiaz

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maybe you need the API key in the CV activities
check this post buddy.

@fernando_zuluaga i am not permitted by my organization to use CV.

Of course it will buddy
then main advantage of Citrix extension is we will be able to select each and every element in the citrix environment as a individual element as how we do in normal local server

so that we dont need to use Image based activities and CV activities to access the elements in the citrxi environment
for more details on the citrix environment

Cheers @rameezimtiaz

then you can automate with image recording, and if you need to get text, you can use the screen scraping with OCR for regions, i recommended that settings for the scraping.

Hope this help you, Regards!

I installed the extention closed citrix environment but i am not able to identify each element. Its still working like old self

@Palaniyappan i just need to install citrix extention, restart all citrix environments and it will start working? Or is there any other process as well?

You need to install the UiPath Remote Runtime component on all your Citrix Application servers also as mentioned in the note box in the link @Palaniyappan provided.

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