UiPath.Executor.exe has stopped working, unexpected exit code: 0xC00000FD

Hi there,

I would like to seek help.

I have added a formula and after which I face the problem. It shows : UiPath.Executor.exe has stopped working. and Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC00000FD Exception Type: System.Exception

When I remove the formula, it works fine. Or when I remove Read Range but not the formula, it does not show this error. Any idea why do I have resolve this?


First close all Excel From Task Manager sometimes there are multiple excels applications are open
Try this once

Thanks @ImPratham45. I have tried but the error is still there.

Check if your data contains formula
Which is incorrect or contain ##########

Thanks @ImPratham45. The formula works and it can write range. The error occur when it read range.

Happy Automation!!

Hi I am facing same error are u able to resolve it