UiPath.Executer Stops Randomly And Wait So Long Time


I have a project that made with ReFramework architecture. When i run the project it waits too long time unnecessarily. After waiting it continues without error. There is no Delay Activity or Get Transaction Item within the project. The project is not connected to orchestrator and is not receiving data from it. The process is sometimes stuck in the Process state and sometimes in the Get Transaction Data state. I couldn’t determine the cause of the error. The ram is normally at 50 percent levels and the robot reaches 85 percent when it is running, and does not go higher, but remains constant.

Anyone have any ideas ?


May I know what version of Uipath studio are you using ?

And also what’s RAM size ?

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Version 2019.4.4 and Ram is 4 GB

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Is it Community or Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio ?

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Enterprise Edition


Are you facing this kind of issue with all other processes or only with this particular process ?

Please check it once with other processes also if you have any.

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Right, there is 2 project on this client and both of them having same issue.

this may also occur due to the place from where the input data is obtained
in that case may i know what is the source of input…is it of large size
we can check that either in Debug mode like where it is getting slowed down

Cheers @erkanceylan

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@erkanceylan _ Have faced the same issue after everything I need to connect with UiPath the steps they have mentioned to resolve this are:

  1. Uninstall and remove all the file from C:/Users
  2. Install the stable version.
  3. If it will now work then you need to send the system logs then they will provide the resolution accordingly.
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Hi Guys,

According to my knowledge this happens very rare but whenever this happened it just STOP everything.
Like i have 500+ of process which trigger from Orchestrator and when Uipath Executor STOP if will hold the VM for forever unless i login manually to that particular machine and kill the uipath manually.

I would like to know how to Kill it automatically from window itself.
#Executor Issue

Hi Daljit,

Do you know the root cause ? I have the same issue for my bot which is connected to Orchestrator and exactly the same behavior you describe!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Melanie,

Please check if you reading excel, filtering data, Api calls, SAP data extraction something like this complex action that could also cause executor to Stop.

In my case this was due to excel bot was trying to perform multi action in excel file and data was huge and uipath couldn’t handle at once. So i divide few action in small parts and then it start work.

Good luck.

I get slow down on some of my reframework processes. One of them pauses on the invoke of the process workflow, where it paused for about a minute. I am passing datatables, which I figured could be the issues. They are not massive, probably less than 500 rows and about 4 columns. (i tried creating them in the workflow each time but that seemed to be slower overall so stuck with this method as it they are read from excel files on a network). But it also paused on a log message within the process workflow for 5 minutes. I cannot think of any reason for this. I was running it in studio 20.10.2.