UiPath.Executer consume a lot of memory

Dear All,

I found abnormal state of my Robot Terminal. UiPath.Executer is consumed almost 4GB.

does anyone know how to solve it?

thanks in advance.

Hi Long time no see.
did you run the procedure with operating the big capacity excel?
I have met this phenomenon in this situation.

Hi long time no see u too.

It’s not big capacity excel because I already reduce some capacity to make sure it’s running well before release.

what I suspect is, My Robot doing data manipulation in excel by looping in datatable every day. so, I assuming that big consumed memory is from previous process and never be cleared.

how about u, you said had same situation, how u solved it?

didn’t find any best way.
but to read required column replace “read range”.

I did it as you did.

I guess, your problem will occur again in few days if you not clear GC.

do you think if I kill excel process everytime finish the job will save some memory?

maybe it’s a bug ,the uipath wasn’t deal well with GC.

kill excel process with delay may helped a lot.

that is i want to make sure with UiPath. I will create a support call to find out the best solution and will let you know.

thanks btw. i will use kill process as temporary solution…

Best wishes

Update the error log from customer

I’m getting the same issue with uipath executor. Dealing with large excel data. During execution suddenly memory utilisation increased and got the error job stopped with an unexpected exit code 0xe0434352.

I have user Excel application scope every where. Increased instant catche. Cleared data table after use.

Any solution would be helpful.

Hi @monali_pawar,

May be @loginerror, Can help you here.



this is what I do

  1. add kill excel by using kill process activity before excel application scope activity
  2. avoid using write cell activity. you need to store on the datatable var first and write range after the loop.

hope this will help you

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