Uipath Excel drag down

i want this to be drag down to 6 row like what i did using last row how can i do it

same goes to this

march to drag down using uipath studio

Hi there is an activity called auto fill range use to fill down excel cells.

It will drag the value at A1057 to the below cells

use inside excel application scope


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hey thanks but say i wan daily do like everyday is there a method where i dont have to find the range address and fill ?

Hi find the sample workflow

Here are the steps in the workflow

1.Loop your datatable and find the first black cell in a column
2.once find we have fill down from that range to the last range
3.after fill down break out of the loop

sample.xaml (8.7 KB)

cant find this intcount for A

you have to give this in for each row property and also give “A” + intCount.tostring

thanks but i am having now

it saying my column name not found wht is it !

have you read the excel data and store in a datatable.

Like this


everything is working now i remember the column name was the header where mine is at “A” but it didnt write anything to it

The first row was the header, hence give column names at A1,B1,C1 etc… and also tick AddHeaders property in read range activity so that it would read first row as headers…

Hi @CoolRobot

Is it working for you?

hey there still not working for me as
i not sure the fill range i should include A ?
still feel confusing for me

is working great now but why is always 5 row instead of 6 row any way to fix this
as only x5 march was input instead of 6

nvm fix it with a last row + 1 to let it fill always

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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