UiPath Excel add-in preventing Application.Ready from setting to True

I have a set of Excel files which run macros BeforeSave. I’ve been having some trouble with using them on my machine, but nobody else in the business seemed to be experiencing the same issue. I recently changed laptop and continued to experience the error, but only after I had installed UiPath Studio (and the accompanying Excel add-in) to this new laptop.

At the point in my code where Application.EnableEvents is set to True, I receive Run-time error 50290: Method ‘EnableEvents’ of object ‘_Application’ failed. On investigation, it seems that the reason for the error is that Application.Ready = False.

When I disabled the UiPath add-in, the code was able to run again with no errors.

Is this a known issue? Is there some workaround without disabling the add-in?

Hi @keirwatson ,

Apologies for the delay in getting to this. If I understand this correctly, you’re using UiPath to make some changes to an Excel file. These files also run macros BeforeSave so when running a process, you’re getting the error. Is my understanding correct or does the issue simply appear when editing a file outside of an automation?

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Hey @keirwatson ,

Just checking in here if you had a chance to look at my previous question.


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