UIPATH error

Anyone occuring timeout error when debugg mode in uipath ? THe interface changed when i opened it today so i assume its an update, but when i run debugg now it stays in debugg mode. I cant stop the runtime or do anything. Have for force close the program and open it again
any simialir occuring to you guys?

Kindly uninstall the updated version and reinstall buddy
That would work
Cheers @langsem

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I am trying to record a web recording of a Chrome Extension for MAXQDA. Just a basic recording to grab the web page and article title, etc. When I attempt to run the recording I get an error telling me to activate my license, but I am using UIPath Studio Community Edition (no license activation required). Maybe I am TOO NEW to this, but wondering how to fix???

Must I have a UIPath Cloud RPA path and set-up to link them???

Thanks in advance,

Chris (aka Vtspe772)

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