Uipath error 1

Hai everyone,
I faced one issue on lase step of my task.

 So I need to click activity one by one automatically so what can do now ![IMG_20200713_134825|690x388](upload://2O7ahTlK3juLZAZyTPzhjbLYIvo.jpeg) 

See there are two send sales quote options is there now 2 but there are 100 quotes they upload for me
So I need to click that send sales quote one by one in automatically so what can do now please let explain
If I am click send sales quote they pop up window open I have to put some files there is not from for me. The problem is how to click automatically send sales quote one by one

Hi @siva_sankar,

You can click one by one automatically as like below.

  1. Extract the data table
  2. Get the Count of Rows from the extracted Table
  3. Use the count as a counter, loop through it.
  4. Use the counter in the idx field of selector to dynamically identify each row uniquely. (Each row will have idx which you can use to click one by one in order from top to bottom.)

Then whatever process you want to do after a click, employ it.

If you find it useful, mark it as solution, Happy Automation!!!

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar


Yeah thank you now it is worked fine

Hi @siva_sankar,

Great to hear, Kindly mark it as solution.

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar