Uipath Error_023

Hello guys iam getting this kind of error while doing development.

When i try to close and reopen after some time again this error popping up.

Can i get a solution for this.

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This was discussed earlier and got to see as a bug
Either try to reinstall studio or upgrade studio to latest version to get this fixed



Let me try to reinstall in the studio

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Follow this:

-Restart the UiPath studio
-check for updates
-Project corruption
-resourse limitations
-anti virus and security software
-review logs and clear cache
-Reinstall UiPath


Let us know for any clarification @Gokul_Murali


I Reinstalled studio and the studio version is 22.4.3

Still the issue persist.

Can i get any other solution.

As I mentioned earlier it looks a common issue in this version
And many referred to upgrade to next LTS version
For ur reference

Try to upgrade the studio to 22.10.c or would recommend to connect with UiPath support through this customer portal link https://customerportal.uipath.com/

Cheers @Gokul_Murali

Do you have any link to download higher studio version

Now my studio version is 22.4.3

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Contact UiPath support to get the download link @Gokul_Murali

Well I got it
Here u go


Cheers @Gokul_Murali


If i open my code in studio 22.10.4 which is developed in 22.4.3

Activity missing Error will not happen right?

It might
But can be fixed with repair dependencies @Gokul_Murali


Ok Thanks

Dear @Palaniyappan

Iam still getting the same error even after i switch to studio version 2022.10.4

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Check this out

For further assistance reach out to UiPath support @Gokul_Murali