UiPath Enterprise RPA Free Trial



Hey Guys

Unfortunely my UiPath Enterprise RPA Free Trial expired today and I don’t konw if I can renew it or how.
Is that applicable?
or is there an alternative just for a short period of time?

Best regards


Use community edition.


You can activate free community version.


Hi Divyashreem and skini76

I signed up for a community Edition but the Setup-file that I downloaded couldn’t open.
I tried to renew my UiPath Enterprise but since I was using a platform I couldn’t do it and it seems to be blcoked.
Is there any solution to this delimma???

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Even though you uninstall Enterprise trial version and install community version, you will not be able to activate community license in your machine. You need to contact UiPath support to unregister your device ID and then only you can activate community edition. Please go through below open issue-


Thnx @Madhavi

I will do that asap.

Kind Regards