Uipath enterprise edition Orchestrator

After installed UiPath enterprise edition, how to connect with orchestrator and how to open that enterprise edition orchestrator.

Niranjan Nellutla


Please check below thread:



Hi lakshman,
i know that process, am already used community edition orchestrator,
but i want to know what is the difference between community and enterprise edition orchestrator.

Community is hosted on the cloud and is for public use(like the name says).
Enterprise allows you to keep your data secure and on-premise of the client.


Thank you Jagadish for giving reply,

Do u have any documnet for Community and enterprise edition differences

if u have any document for that please provide me.

Niranjan Nellutla.

I don’t really have a document but it’s all based on my experience of working with these editions.


Thank you.

@Niranjan_Nellutla check this link for the differences https://www.uipath.com/freetrial-or-community