Uipath DU Extract country

I have a pdf with 60 pages.
Each page contains a table and format is static.
Each page contains a country name and the country name is different in all pages.
Now I have to take input from user and go that particular country page and extract data.
How to achieve this ?

I think for this you can try with document understanding

Have a view on this to learn more about it

Cheers @Ritaman_Baral

I have inplemented DU.
But I want to know how to go to thay specific page and extract that table?

Yeah it’s easy one you can achieve that

1.Let suppose say 1 pdf with 10pages and in that every page is having country name and table so country name will change always…

2.Before going to Du what ever you have pdf can split that pdf into individual pdfs and add to one new folder

3.From that folder to you can loop.

4.Take for each activity and give new created folder path to get pdfs one by one

5.inside loop Use Read Pdf Text activity to read pdf and creat a variable PdfText and make if condition like this.

PdfText. Contains(yourcountryname)

If it matches then it will go to then section and you can perform the Du part inside like extracting data all table inthat only

Note : -
If 1st page matches it extract data if not it will again get 2nd page and check so like this so on up to even 60 pages if you have also works this scenario


Let me know if any doubt s

You can get the output by this scenario based on input it will match the page and extract the data that particular page .


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