UIPath Down?

Hi Guys,

Is your platform experiencing major issues at the moment ?
There seems to be a disconnect between tenancy and Platform.
We are now getting “An Error has occurred messages” And “Internal server errors” via api calls as well as from the tenant frontend.
Please advise


I hope you are using the old API to do the tasks. Here is the new cloud orchestrator API documentation : Building API Requests

and refer this post for more details :

Yeah it seems like this platform is experiencing some major instability at the moment.
API calls failing - agent cant connect - wehn I do eventually get them to connect then the platform is non responsive and jobs fail mid way. Its a mess,

Earlier, we have the dedicated servers for platform.uipath.com , but the UiPath team moved the orchestrator to cloud. So, there may be another step of authentication involved now to use the API. Those links will help you to do that.

Are you able to connect orchestrator in browser?

I has to create a new tenancy via Account/RegisterTenant
Then the only way to login to this tenancy is by going to Account/Login
But from here I cannot get to the dashboard.
The Agent on the dedicated server has started timing out.
As of about an hour ago I now get
“message”: “An error has occurred.”,
“errorCode”: 0,
“resourceIds”: null
For my auth api call.

The orchestrator frontend also seems overly slow and was displaying errors.

It won’t work now,

Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Run the javascript code in the browser, which will give you the Code challenge and Code verifier
  2. Modify the account.uipath.com URL with Code challenge and send a request in the Browser itself. Which will ask you to authenticate with the credentials.
    @@@Important steps is that, you need to pass this URL in browser itself and the browser URL will give you the authorization code
  3. Then you need to send request to https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token with body as in the documentation
  4. There you will get the bearer token.
  5. You need to get the logical name, so again a request for : https://platform.uipath.com/cloudrpa/api/getAccountsForUser…
    You will get the name.
  6. with all these, try to send the request again

all these steps you need to do to authenticate.

This will not work.


Use chrome browser , for better experience :slight_smile:

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@Nicholas_Karlsen - Here’s the guide for how to consume APIs with the new cloud orchestrator: Consuming APIs with the new Cloud Orchestrator