Uipath doesn't go to next step

i have this problem that when i read range a excel file it doesn’t stop nor give errors. i don’t know what to do.

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Please put Read range activity into a Excel application scope

@Tammy1998 Either you have to use excel scope or use workbook activities.


i’ve checked it and it’s inside the excel application scope. i wonder what could be the problem?

@Tammy1998 You have added a breakpoint there. Try to remove the breakpoint and test it once.

i removed it and it’s still the same…

@Tammy1998 Once after removing the break point, save the workflow. Close the studio and open the workflow. Run it again. It should work. I dont find any other reason.

yeah me either. but i got some idea from your response earlier. and it worked. i only read those sheet and make it into a datatable. thanks to your idea.

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