UiPath does not work with firefox version 60.0(32-bit) after 2018.3.0 upgrade


When using browser activity to open a URL I face issues. The browser opens and the URL is not loaded. The browser is blank. i am getting no error in the error logs. Also I could see the workflow failed with the “locator not found exception” of the first activity within the open browser activity. Can anyone please help on this.


Hi @shanvj,

Have you install the extension which is in the below.

can you install and try it.

It is the CE Version 18.3


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Hi Bala,

Yes I have installed the plugins . But it is not working.


It is working perfectly fine with me. can you check your Dot.Net version in your system once.
If it is less than 4.5 version then please upgrade. hope that will resolve this issue.

I have the 4.6 version of .NET. Still the issue exists. Once the uipath extension is disabled or removed the URL gets loaded.