UiPath Docusign IntegrationService Error - No configurable proprieties in Studio


I’m trying to develop a DocuSign activity with the new Integration Service DocuSign.

UiPath Studio Version: Enterprise 2022.10.5
Repository: UiPath.Docusign.IntegrationService (5.1.2 version)

But in this version (5.1.1 works just fine) any of the activities of this repository have the same issue, a red flag with the message: “Activity is not configured. Please configure the activity”.

The problem is there’s no propriety inside the activity nor in the proprieties panel:

And yes, I already configured the connection in Integration Services and it’s working just fine.

Anyone with the same issue? Any solution?


Hi Joao,

Request you to upgrade the Studio version to 22.10.7 as the issue was fixed in the latest Studio patch. Please let us know in case any more issues.

Thank you.

Hello Damerla,

It worked. Thank you!