UiPath Document Understanding - Data Extraction

I’m trying to extract date from a structured doument using UiPath document understanding.
I’m using OmniPage OCR with Intelligent Form Extractor.
But, it is recognizing the guide lines in the document as ‘1’ and the output is showing as
04 1 17 1 1978, instead of 04 17 1978.


Any suggestions to correct this?


Hi @yeluri.krishna

You can try this

After getting the data use regex and replace them to “.” or “/”

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(“04 1 17 1 1978”,“\s1\s”,“.”).ToString


Thank you @Sudharsan_Ka

But it is not all the time that the ‘1’ is occurring twice…
For some documents, there is only one ‘1’ in between the date. (the second occurrence of ‘1’)

Also , I would like to implement the solution from the extraction side, if that is possible.

Hi @yeluri.krishna

Can you please try with UiPath Document Ocr and let us know the results.


Hi @suraj.setty

I don’t think we can use UiPath Document OCR in this case. Because UiPath Document OCR works only with receipts and invoices as of now.

Anyways I tried to use that, and it is throwing an error - “Can not process this document”