Uipath Disaster Recovery - Two Active Data Centers it work or not?

hi all

We found this link Disaster Recovery - Two Active Data Centers

need to know this architecture it can work or not ??

for Active/Active datacenter when user use orchestrator in both site simultaneously, we have check on sql always on feature can read/write in SQL in primary Only but secondary only read ( anyone please help suggest on this )
Storage : in picture shown data replication in bi-direction. So I ask infrastructure team and they told that for data replication can do one way direction only (primary site to secondary site). If in Active/Active how Shared storage work in this architecture ?? please suggest best solution for us.

Hi, too late i suppose
I use the “always on” to conect the DB (its like a balancer), so both servers conect to the same “direction” of DB.
The “packages” of development are stored in a folder of the server (where is the Orchestrator), so to share the same “packages” to both servers it is advisable use something like a “file server”.

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