Uipath - Diference between cloud and platform

Dear Members and UiPath Team,

Could you please clarify what is the difference between below 2 links ?


As I understand both are on cloud , so whats the difference.

  1. https://cloud.uipath.com i suppose is launched on June 4,2019, so when was platform.uipath.com launched.

I have already gone through the below link , but i am still confused.

Thanks in advance!

Minal Gupta

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Hi @MinalGupta,
Platform was referring to Orchestrator web appliance and Cloud was used to test new cloud-based version of Orchestrator. At the moment when cloud version is already online for all users both are linked to the same. I suggest to use https://platform.uipath.com :wink:


Ok. Thanks Pablito. That means there is no difference in both links at the moment.

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Indeed. But please use the platform one :slight_smile:


thanks @Pablito

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