UiPath + Dialogflow + Telegram

Hi, I had established connection between:

  • UiPath and Dialogflow, and
  • Dialogflow and Telegram.

I can trigger UIPath process from Dialogflow,
but cannot trigger UIPath process not from Telegram (via Dialogflow).

How may i implement a Telegram chatbot that can trigger a process in UIPath via Dialogflow?

@edang - To trigger a process in UiPath via Dialogflow from Telegram, I’d recommend using the sample linked below as a starting point: Chatbot with Dialog flow - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Note that you will need to build your own integration with Telegram in the approach above

I can trigger UIPath process from Dialogflow using community edition?

@salax_sunny - You can use community edition, as you get full access to our APIs and 1 unattended robot

Hello Edang,
In this movie I did all step to Configure UiPath ChatBot:
UiPath ChatBot full configuration | DialogFlow Configuration variables - YouTube
Cristian Negulescu