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Could you please let me know what is the practical use of UiPath.DiagTool Utility and where can i found it for my UiPath Installation?

Minal Gupta

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Hi @MinalGupta,
This tool let you just “monitor” the way how Studio, Robot is working like processes, terminal session, event logs etc. All provided here:

If you are using Community Edition it can be found in this path:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\<Studio version folder>
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Thanks Pablito,

I am able to find the file as shown below. But while I tried to execute the highlighted one, could you please let me know where is the report stored.

Minal Gupta

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Please read carefully the documentation:

You need to run this using cmd with some prefixes chosen by you and you will also use prefix to define where report will be saved.


Thanks Pablito, probably its too technical for me to understand, as I am not so good at cmd command prompts.

In document provided above you have quite easy example of use. Please follow this:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt instance.
  2. Use the cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio command to navigate to the designated folder.
  3. Run the utility with the following command: UiPath.DiagTool.exe -providers=installs,logs,procs --procs.extra=UiPath.Service.Host -file "C:\Automation Logs\ExecStop.zip" . This generates a standard report file which contains information collected by the specified providers and creates the ExecStop.zip archive in the C:\Automation Logs folder. You can find out more about providers here.
  4. Navigate to the folder provided at the previous step and extract the ExecStop.zip archive. The archive contains log files for UiPath Processes, UiPath Installations, .etl files, as well as Studio and Robot Executor logs. Check out the table of available providers for more details. The image below is an example of a generated log file, in this case for the UiPath Processes provider.

thankyou @Pablito

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