UiPath Developper Level 3 excersise one

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I’m currently have some probs while doing the first excersise from level 3. For some reasion I’m not able to get the transaction data.
The flow works until the getTransactionData.xaml, I checked and the filteredlist is passed on to it, but then instead of processing each transaction, it just saying there’s not transactiondata anymore and shut’s down. I’ve bin searching for hours, but wasn’t able to pinmoint the prob, maybe one of you can?
GetTransactionData.xaml (8.0 KB)
I included my GetTransactionData.xaml

It’s possible that you have not set the out_transactionitem to the transaction item you retrieved in the previous activity in the GetTransactionData.xaml sequence. Did you check this highlighted condition?

If that is nothing then the process will exit stating no more transaction data.

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Hi Andy, thanks for the reply, I checked the condition is being met and the out_TransactionID is correctly set to the ‘WIID’ of the out_TransactionItem…
The one you showed me is the unmodyfied one wright?
Mine looks like:

So my guess is that the problem isn’t in the GetTransactionData.xaml, but for some reasson the transaction isn’t passed on to process…

Thanks dude/sir, your tip did make me come to the solution, I should have checked the if statement in GetTransactionData sooner, once I realized the problem might not be in the GetTransaction I looked a bit further and noticed that while I was returning the out_TransactionItem as an output argument, I didn’t save it in the TransactionItem variable, doing that solved the issue, so thanks for pointing me in the correct direction

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check this


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Yep. Have you set a TransactionItem as an input to the Process.xaml?