UiPath Developer in Mumbai


  • Required Uipath Developer in Mumbai by YuvaJobs ( 3 rating out of 5 stars | 2 ratings )
  • It is a Full time job
  • Candidates with 5-8 Years of experience can apply

Must have total to years of experience. Must have at least year experience in Uipath development Must be uipath certified Must have worked on RPA robotic Process Automation
Required Experience : 5years

Hello Vlad,

I found in the job description that you have mentioned, candidate must be UiPath Certified. to my knowledge, there is no certification as of now. please correct me if, I am wrong.

hi @rajivtuli2512

There is a advanced uipath certification in which you have to give an exam containing multiple choices and practical exam as well. if you will pass that exam you will get a certificate fro uipath side.

and the Uipath beginner level certificate which will be open sourced and based on video tutorilas based open course soon may be in march by uipath as well.

check this link for more info on this regarding beginner level certificate

and for more advance uipath certificate contact to uipath sales team.