UiPath Desktop Agent(Assistant) not minimized and pop up while running the process

I am using UiPath 2019.4 version.

I am trying to monitor my bot activity where the activity is triggered foreground process and try to run the robot streaming where I can view the activities from other machine connected to same robot machine network.(Am using Robot streaming application which is available in UIPath market. - Robot Streaming - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace )

So when I try to view/monitor the robot activities from other machine the UiPath Agent pops up in front of the foreground activity.

I Tried to go to UiPath Agent Desktop Shortcut Setting and tried to change the RUN command to be minimized as below

Also Tried to give Target Argument command “–startup” as below

So the Uipath Agent Desktop version 2019 is not working with the minimized mode and popup in front of any foreground activity and manually need to minimize. the popup window is as below when foreground process is triggerred:


Setting the Minimized option in the Shortcut does not always work when the process is invoked by a Robot. You can see that the same thing happens with Excel as well. It will be maximized automatically when you manually open Excel, but it won’t work when the Robot opens it.

That is because the Robot calls the program directly and not via the Shortcut! :neutral_face:

I remember seeing a piece of code in which the UiPath Assistant is minimized as part of the Start up inside the UiPath workflow using the Minimize Window option and the selector pointing to the UiPath Assistant Window. Maybe this is something you can try?

Thanks Andy but instead of selector searching for the Uipath Assistant Window, am checking if any UiPath Activity has inbuilt code to communicate with Assistant. Let me know if you find any such activity.

I am not positive if there is any such activity. I’m saying this because it would be better if the UiPath Assistant would automatically (and optionally) run minimized as a feature of the Assistant itself instead of it being a UiPath Activity that the developer has to code for.

Something like PIP. You can start an automation in PIP even if it hasn’t been tested for PIP, but you know will work in PIP mode for sure. The Start-in-PIP is a feature of the Assistant and is not a UiPath activity.