UIPath Demo application is not opening

Hi All,

It’s not possible to open UIPath demo application page from yesterday and today.

Anyone facing this issue?


@Bala_Murugan_Kothand Which demo application you are talking about? is it Double UI?
Below is the screenshot of the double UI.

Orchestrator application is not able to open.

Uipath Team i working on Orchestrator part…so services are down

Thanks for your reply. If services are up then inform me.


@Bala_Murugan_Kothand @Mayyur I am also having same issue. :sob: :sob:

Hi @Bala_Murugan_Kothand
no worries , this is common for all ,
Orchestrator cloud getting down some times since day before yesterday , hope the are doing super configurations :slight_smile:

Project space will be retiring on February , so i will be hope that we have to accept some down time on these days

Orchestrator Down means New and Good things coming most near :smiley: :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

Guys, is there any applications like DoubleUi and ACME system 1 which were made by Uipath to help users in automation.???