Uipath date format interpretation


I retrieve mail dates (body, and date of sending) from MailMessage, I get dates from an application (getText).

I assign these values ​​in a dictionary of <String, Object>

when I write these dates in excel, the dates retrieved in the mail are typed as I wish (dd / MM / yyyy), but the date retrieved from the application is displayed with the typing (MM / dd / yyyy)

Wtf? ^^

Hi @decalajoraire
It means that the date fomat in the excel file is MM/dd/yyyy. :slight_smile:

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Hi [Jan_Brian_Despi]

no …
if I look at the cell date (from application) it’s in dd / MM / yyyy


in application: 20/05/2019

in Excel after write cell: 05/20/2019
with the typing dd / MM / yyyy