UiPath Data Extraction AI Center

  1. I have a pdf document where we are extracting data from specific fields.
  2. In Present Validation Station a Key “Propylene” is coming as “Ropylene”

Any ways to solve this issue ?

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,

Could you let us know what type of an Extraction is used ?

A Present Validation Station/ Action Center validation station is used so that the Users could check on this inconsistent extraction that is recognised either by the Business Rules set up in Taxonomy Manager or based on low Extraction Confidence value, and then correct the extracted value and pass it to the next steps of Automation.

The reason the extraction may not properly work could be many of the reasons :

  1. The AI Center Model used is not trained enough with different data samples.
  2. The Quality of the Input (Scanned) Documents is low and hence the OCR itself is not able to extract data properly.
  3. If the Data overlapping is present in the Document.

Let us know in some more details of what was the AI Model used and the setup done, also if you could share with the input document format details, we could also have a better understanding.

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