UiPath Daily Schedule


I just want to make sure that I understand the Stop After activity in the Schedules right.

If I create a Daily Schedule to start at 7:30 and select Stop After 2 Hours, will it run daily for 2 hours or just the first day for 2 hours and then stop completely?



It depends on your design, read below. This one is from 2016.2, I hope nothing changed under the hood besides the Names.

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Additionally with Orchestrator’s current features as of v2017,
“Stop After 2 Hours” means that it will trigger Stop to true 2 Hours from the scheduled time. So, if you schedule it at 7:30 it will turn Stop to true at 9:30 on the dot regardless of when the job actually started. (Same goes for Kill). If your job runs late due to another job and starts at 9:29, it’s still going to Kill or Stop right at 9:30

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Thanks all for the replies. It would be interesting to have an option in the Schedule “Run Every Day from xx:xx to xx:xx”