UiPath created csv file not uploaded in salesforce and gettong error

Hi Team,

I have created csv file from xlsx file manually and while uploading on salesforce, no problem it is uploaded successfully.

But when I created file through UiPath while uploading file getting Invalid csv file format.

I am reading xlsx file and saving data in datatable. I used this datatable to create csv file using Write CSV activity.

But strange part is while uploading csv file in salesforce application, getting error Invalid CSV format.

Where are you trying to upload? Are you uploading it through Data Loader?

Did you try to compare both the CSV Files? Any difference that you see? May be like missing headers.

Rammohan B.

Yes, i am uploading through Data Loader.

Both files same.

Can you attach both of the csv files?

Rammohan B.

Hello Sandy,
You can use the DataLoader from Salesforce Component check this video:

Cristian Negulescu