UiPath crashes after using Screen Scraping Wizard

UiPath is crashing after Screen Scraping done using the Screen Scraping wizard.

I tried screen scraping on different softwares like notepad and chrome. But the software crashes as soon as I select the screen for scraping.

The following dialogs opens after the crash and after I click on Debug the Program

The windows version I am using is Windows 7 SP1 along with .NET Framework Version 4.7.2
The issue occurs in 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows 7 SP1.

The Activities for Screen Scraping such as “Get Full Text” and "Get OCR Text are working when manually dragged from the activities panel into the flowchart or sequence.

Please respond if you know the solution for the above issue.


Did you solve this? I am getting the same problem.

I am also facing the same issue :frowning:

Guys, any update? I’m also facing this. I thought some plug-in was missing but looks like an issue with UiPath.

Hi all,

What version of Studio are you using? Also, what errors show in the Event Viewer?

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

Hi @anushreedas

I was referring to the UiPath Studio :slight_smile:

Also, did you already try to update all packages to their newest version here?

It might help to remedy the issue.


Please check this post related to screens scraping issue.


All my packages are up to date. I still experience this issue.

However, I was able to get it working by downgrading UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities from v19.2.0 to v19.1.0

I noticed this behaviour after the 2019.2 update, and I believe they updated UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities to v19.2.0 which is causing the issue.


Hi @libinv

Please let us know if the latest Beta version of the package (which should be 2019.3) solves the issue.

I had the same issue both on screen scraping and virtual machin image record image click action. Now fixed! Thank you guys!