UiPath.Core.Browser - Has the browser been closed?

I have a Browser object for a Chrome instance my robot opens. Is there an object property or other method that I can check to determine if the browser was closed outside of my robot execution?

Hi @joe.foster,

I dont remember of any property or method to check if the browser is closed, however there are somethings you could do to check:

  1. Use a element exist activity to check if any of the elements on the browser exists, if it return true, then the browser has to be opened.

  2. You could check if there are any process running. Ex: When chrome is opened you can see a process “chrome.exe” running on task manager. If there is no process it means that your chrome is closed. You could use the “Get processes” activity for this one.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Schirru!

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